About me


My name is Ekaterina Begicheva.


I am the founder and lead designer of the Begichev Design studio. Having a higher musical education, in 2004 I became a certified expert in antiques, an art critic.


In 2010, I completed my studies with honors at the Details School of Design, and I'm starting to study design as a professional.


My works concern internal editions and profile sites.


I am a member of ADDI - Association of Interior Designers and Decorators.


In 2020 and 2021, I was included in the list of “AD 100 Best Architects and Decorators in Russia” by Architectural Digest magazine.


About the studio


We provide services for the development and implementation of residential space projects from small apartments to large-scale facilities.


The studio is distinguished by a boutique format and intimacy.


Ekaterina, as a leading designer, is present at every stage of the creation and implementation of the project. Thus, we achieve the preservation of the author's style in creating a unique interior, skillfully combining author's items, vintage and modern art.


How the studio works


Work on each project begins with communication with the customer and a deep and detailed analysis of its results. For us, the personality of a person, his lifestyle, habits, his feelings are important. When creating a project, we write a beautiful scenario of life, calculating various plots in this space. Taking into account the wishes of the customer, we offer only the best solutions, based on professionalism and experience.


Studio projects are distinguished by attention to the architectural component, well-planned layout and ergonomics of space. Our style is elegance and simplicity of form, often a non-trivial approach to color and texture combinations, the use of expressive accents and art.


Taking into account the trends and following the trends in design, we strive to create a timeless interior, and in cooperation with customers to come to the interior of his dreams.


Sincerely, Begicheva Design Studio